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A Vast and Admirable Intelligence Dedicated to Wanton Destruction

I was walking behind an elderly couple in the woods one day as they discoursed on Hitler. He was nothing but an Abenteuer, they decided, a sordid opportunist — and they might have known it all along, fools that they had been, for couldn’t anyone see that he had dark hair instead of blond! Continue reading

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Hugh Nibley’s World War II Diary

June 6: D-Day. Pass the Bill of Portland and land across vast masses of flak in the morning. A ship next to us goes down in about 8 minutes. Continue reading

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Hand-in-Glove with the Persecutors of the Church

Notice where the church is always being fought…where the church has always received the most savage…resistance everywhere in the deep South. But…we are imitating the deep South here. We match Mississippi more closely than any other state in various things now: in our morality, in our politics, in our views of things, in our self-righteousness and in our intolerance. Continue reading

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From a Muddy Foxhole of the “Bridge Too Far”

In the times of total confusion which lie ahead let us not forget how clearly our own behavior has foreshadowed the horrible commotion of the earth and the elements. I speak in the prophetic vein, because the signs of an impending readjustment in the face of the whole earth are fairly clear. Continue reading

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The Things we Feel Most Deeply Fail to Find Expression

There is no more eloquent commentary on the inadequacy and incompleteness of everything here than the fact that the things we feel most deeply fail to find expression either in words or symbols, the things we desire most eagerly we can’t even define, while the things we despise above all other things – a bondage of meaningless and repetitious chores, a guilty preoccupation with empty trifles and commonplaces – these we make to the substance of our life and action… Continue reading

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Social Peace through Enforced Conformity

They settled instead for the poor shabby philosophy of St. Augustine – sit tight, don’t ask questions, do like the rest do, and you will be at least as safe as anybody else. Continue reading

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The Most Nauseating Farrago of the Century

So much for the fibre of the American mind – it is the fibre of grated cheese. Continue reading

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As it Was in the Days of Noah

Everyone is guessing about the end of the war. I don’t think it will make much difference – as it was in the days of Noah, etc. Continue reading

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Going to Perdition with Our Eyes Open

We are going into perdition with our eyes open; the separation of the tares and the wheat is to be strictly a free-will affair. Continue reading

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Wars of Undisguised Conquest and Aggression

While those obscene old men [in the Senate] pricked up their ears and licked their lips the speaker described how this country would throw itself in all directions in wars of undisguised conquest and aggression. Continue reading

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