Good Old Los Angeles

Letter, August 1952

Good old Los [Angeles] was all I expected it to be: after six years’ absence I recognized nothing but the thick enervating air. Nothing could have prepared me for the 4,877,309 drab invertebrates from the Middle West that moved zombielike through the fetid streets. How long can this go on? I left within 24 hours vowing to return only as a sight-seer to view the ruins at some undetermined but not too distant date. What I found on getting to Provo was an unanswerable argument for matriarchy: Phyllis had everything running smoothly for the first time in history. I promptly gummed up the works and now everything is back to chaotic normal.


About Hugh Nibley

Hugh Nibley, 1910-2005, was simultaneously the LDS Church's greatest intellectual defender from attack from the outside and Mormon culture's strongest critic from the inside. This blog is composed mainly from Nibley's unpublished writings, letters, interviews and conversations, with occasional posts from associates who had personal interactions with him.
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