As it Was in the Days of Noah

Hugh Nibley in uniform

[Letter excerpt, August 24, 1944]

I have missed seeing Hugh Brown a number of times – he is not far away, but then all my motions are prescribed. Everyone is guessing about the end of the war. I don’t think it will make much difference – as it was in the days of Noah, etc. The Nazis have done us the service of showing us how complete depravity can go on year after year enjoying an unchallenged authority, wearing the robes of every office with dignity and ease, professing none but noble motives and going through all the motions of high governance. After their masterful performance the world may rightly distrust every appearance – flags, hymns, parades and solemn oaths have been forever discredited by German wickedness.

[For more on HN’s wartime experiences and writings, see Sergeant Nibley PhD: Memories of an Unlikely Screaming Eagle.]


About Hugh Nibley

Hugh Nibley, 1910-2005, was simultaneously the LDS Church's greatest intellectual defender from attack from the outside and Mormon culture's strongest critic from the inside. This blog is composed mainly from Nibley's unpublished writings, letters, interviews and conversations, with occasional posts from associates who had personal interactions with him.
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