Mormon Times on Nibley’s Friendship with Basketball Legend Kresimir Cosic

Here is a link to an article in The Mormon Times about the long friendship between Hugh Nibley and BYU basketball player and Olympian Kresimir Cosic.

The online version of this article, which appeared in print last Thursday, contains video clips from an interview with Cosic in 1983. The interview was conducted by Alex Nibley and Sterling Van Wagenen as they were working on the Hugh Nibley documentary film Faith of an Observer. The interview, which was not used in Faith of an Observer and has never been seen in public until these current excerpts were posted by The Mormon Times, was shot on 1-inch reel-to-reel video tape, a technology that is no longer used. A special transfer of the video had to be done in order to view — and post online — this rare footage of Cosic talking about his relationship to Nibley and the church.


About Hugh Nibley

Hugh Nibley, 1910-2005, was simultaneously the LDS Church's greatest intellectual defender from attack from the outside and Mormon culture's strongest critic from the inside. This blog is composed mainly from Nibley's unpublished writings, letters, interviews and conversations, with occasional posts from associates who had personal interactions with him.
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2 Responses to Mormon Times on Nibley’s Friendship with Basketball Legend Kresimir Cosic

  1. says:

    So glad to have more Nibley bits and pieces. I have missed them. Hope all is well —- Jo Ann

  2. Thanks for your return. These are interesting pieces of history.

    Bill Kettley

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