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A Priesthood Manual for Backward Ten-Year-Olds

I have run into difficulties on the present [Melchizedek priesthood] lesson-manual: the committee wants something for backward ten-year-olds and they have a perfect right to it, only I keep telling them that I am not the guy to do it. Continue reading

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Hugh Nibley, World’s Worst Politician

Only in the light of the acrimony of our recent ultra-polarized politics have I come to understand the lesson of the time I discovered my father was the world’s worst politician. Continue reading

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Video: Christina Nibley Mincek Speaks at Hugh Nibley’s Funeral

Christina Nibley Mincek speaking at Hugh Nibley’s funeral. Hugh Nibley died eight years ago today, February 24, 2005. Continue reading

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From a Muddy Foxhole of the “Bridge Too Far”

In the times of total confusion which lie ahead let us not forget how clearly our own behavior has foreshadowed the horrible commotion of the earth and the elements. I speak in the prophetic vein, because the signs of an impending readjustment in the face of the whole earth are fairly clear. Continue reading

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We’re Baaaack

[Guest post from the moderator] For those of you who had thought Hugh Nibley [off the record] had faded softly into that good night, no. School started again, but the main distraction that kept us from posting for the last … Continue reading

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On the Way to Stake Conference

Alright, it’s time to leave for stake conference. Does everybody have a good book to read? Continue reading

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Good Old Los Angeles

Nothing could have prepared me for the 4,877,309 drab invertebrates from the Middle West that moved zombielike through the fetid streets. Continue reading

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