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A Strange World in which East and West, Past and Present Intermingle

The Egyptians are so different from every other ancient people that one hardly knows what to make of them. They are the only people we know of who deliberately planned to convey in formation to other ages than their own. Continue reading

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The Book of Mormon – a Bedizzening Variety of Stuff

This whole apocryphal world is brought together in the B. of M., a veritable handbook of motifs and traditions. As a work of fiction, as a mere intellectual tour de force, nothing could touch it – but along with that it is full of old Jewish lore that very few Jews have ever heard of, handles the desert situation in a way that delights my Medcans, and gives a picture of primitive Christianity that is right out of the Dead Sea Scrolls & the Nag Hamadi texts. What a theme for a kid of 23 to attempt. Continue reading

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From a Muddy Foxhole of the “Bridge Too Far”

In the times of total confusion which lie ahead let us not forget how clearly our own behavior has foreshadowed the horrible commotion of the earth and the elements. I speak in the prophetic vein, because the signs of an impending readjustment in the face of the whole earth are fairly clear. Continue reading

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Scholarship in America is as Dead as the Dodo

No, my dear fellow, scholarship in America is as dead as the dodo and has been for at least 30 years: go to their conventions if you don’t believe they’re a bunch of ineffectual zombies. Continue reading

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It’s Brains and Character that Count, My Boy

Some local yokel, just out of the army and broke, has picked up twenty-one (21) million bucks around Moab: an American success-story–it’s brains and character that count, my boy. Continue reading

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Social Peace through Enforced Conformity

They settled instead for the poor shabby philosophy of St. Augustine – sit tight, don’t ask questions, do like the rest do, and you will be at least as safe as anybody else. Continue reading

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The Automobile is Not an Unmitigated Blessing

If I had not been fortunate enough to be without a car this summer would perhaps never have discovered that wonderful world behind the first range. Which proves that the automobile is not an unmitigated blessing. Continue reading

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