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Nibley Documentary Faith of an Observer to Screen at Sunstone Film Festival

The Sunstone Film Festival will feature a retrospective screening of the documentary film Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley. The movie will show in the Union Theater in the University of Utah Olpin Student Center on Saturday, August 2, at 2:00. Following the screening there will be a discussion on the making of the film with two of the filmmakers involved, Sterling VanWagenen and Hugh’s son Alex Nibley. Continue reading

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Hugh Nibley on Fatherhood

I do take the kids out into the canyons and the sagebrush for overnight jaunts, but it always Ends with Mikey howling his head off if he doesn’t go, and then crawling into my sleeping bag in the middle of the night to kick the stuffing out of the bag and me. Continue reading

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Forty Easters Ago

It’s hard to remember Hugh Nibley getting angry in a discussion about religion. Usually he took attacks in stride and found them stimulating rather than making him lose his tempter. I had certainly never seen anything provoke such an immediate and negative response from him. Continue reading

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Video: Christina Nibley Mincek Speaks at Hugh Nibley’s Funeral

Christina Nibley Mincek speaking at Hugh Nibley’s funeral. Hugh Nibley died eight years ago today, February 24, 2005. Continue reading

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The Savage Himalayan Look of our Mountains in Winter

Never since I moved to Utah have I had the bored and restless feeling, that haunting urge to get away, which never let me alone in California. Continue reading

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Eastern Tycoons Blowing their Heads Off Right and Left

The way the he-man cult of the hunter has blossomed forth since the II phase of the War bodes ill for the future of the great republic. Continue reading

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It’s Brains and Character that Count, My Boy

Some local yokel, just out of the army and broke, has picked up twenty-one (21) million bucks around Moab: an American success-story–it’s brains and character that count, my boy. Continue reading

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