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Nibley Documentary Faith of an Observer to Screen at Sunstone Film Festival

The Sunstone Film Festival will feature a retrospective screening of the documentary film Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley. The movie will show in the Union Theater in the University of Utah Olpin Student Center on Saturday, August 2, at 2:00. Following the screening there will be a discussion on the making of the film with two of the filmmakers involved, Sterling VanWagenen and Hugh’s son Alex Nibley. Continue reading

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World War II Memories: I lied Until I Even Cheered Myself Up

We sailed from Bristol on June 4 and on the sixth were off Vierville. My fate seems always to have been first in line. Our ship headed the convoy and as if that were not enough our party was to be the first ashore when contact was made with the division. Continue reading

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The Most Nauseating Farrago of the Century

So much for the fibre of the American mind – it is the fibre of grated cheese. Continue reading

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Going to Perdition with Our Eyes Open

We are going into perdition with our eyes open; the separation of the tares and the wheat is to be strictly a free-will affair. Continue reading

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