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Nibley Documentary Faith of an Observer to Screen at Sunstone Film Festival

The Sunstone Film Festival will feature a retrospective screening of the documentary film Faith of an Observer: Conversations with Hugh Nibley. The movie will show in the Union Theater in the University of Utah Olpin Student Center on Saturday, August 2, at 2:00. Following the screening there will be a discussion on the making of the film with two of the filmmakers involved, Sterling VanWagenen and Hugh’s son Alex Nibley. Continue reading

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A Priesthood Manual for Backward Ten-Year-Olds

I have run into difficulties on the present [Melchizedek priesthood] lesson-manual: the committee wants something for backward ten-year-olds and they have a perfect right to it, only I keep telling them that I am not the guy to do it. Continue reading

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Mormon Times on Nibley’s Friendship with Basketball Legend Kresimir Cosic

The online version of this article, which appeared in print last Thursday, contains video clips from an interview with Cosic in 1983. The interview was conducted by Alex Nibley and Sterling Van Wagenen as they were working on the Hugh Nibley documentary film Faith of an Observer. Continue reading

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Bob Bennett Video on Nibley and Politics: Part 2

The [Mormon] Church does not say, “Well let’s purge Harry Reid.” They say, “Let’s call him up and ask him for something else we need.” And he delivers. Continue reading

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An Error in the Book of Mormon?

Look at Alma, he says that all mankind is carnal, sensual, and devilish by nature. And he should’ve said they were carnal, sensual, devilish, and stupid. Continue reading

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On Religion Teachers at BYU (or, Why they Called Him a Gad-fly)

Here we are, unemployable by any academic standards, living on the welfare of the church…and to justify ourselves we spend our days fulminating against the evils of socialism and the wickedness of the idle poor. Continue reading

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Hugh Nibley’s Muse — Updated

When people start saying, “Well, that’s the world for you, and you can’t do anything about it,” I become full of apprehensions: if we start thinking that we will soon find out we are right. Continue reading

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